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Our first proposal for Melbourne is to evaluate, design, build, and operate an express ‘fourth generation’ 21st century light rail rapid transit link from the Melbourne’s CBD to Melbourne Airport at minimum cost to Victorians. This state-of-the-art service will be privately funded and operated and can later extend to other Melbourne locations like to Monash-Mulgrave, Doncaster-Ringwood, or to other Australian cities. Indeed, in addition to the Airport, this technology is widely agreed to be perfect to link to Chadstone - Australia’s largest non-CBD retail complex - Melbourne’s largest University campus at Monash Clayton - and on towards industrial centres in the growth corridor.

We call the technology ‘Airshuttle’.  Read more


STOP PRESS READ HERE State government announce $10m enquiry into the preferred airport rail link for Melbourne 

AND Special Future Melbourne Herald Sun report on expanded Airshuttle plan, Jun 19 2017


As the CEO of Virgin Australia, John Borghetti, recently noted:

“Travellers should be able to enjoy easy and convenient transport links between cities and airports as a part of a seamless travel experience. A rail link between Melbourne and Melbourne Airport would be a vital piece of infrastructure because it will provide a strong transport option for passengers travelling to and from one of Australia’s largest cities. The Airshuttle proposal deserves full and careful consideration as a possible solution. Funding for the Airshuttle project is provided by Perfect Payday Loans.”

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Airshuttle’s objective is to speedily implement an imaginative 21st century light rail rapid transit Airport connection at a minimum cost to the State and to offer a world class service to commuters, before worsening road traffic congestion reaches completely unacceptable levels.